Our company was founded in 1991, with a focus on implementing services DDD (Rodent control, fumigation, disinfection). Among other things, we make our own bait rodenticides Hubex that already belongs to the basic range of rodent control companies. Its distribution is also carried out in foreign countries such as Slovakia and the Baltic republics. In services, we offer a comprehensive service, whether in the form of technical equipment and trained personnel with current legislation. A professional approach based on knowledge of problems with warranty work performed for us. The scope of the company is unlimited and will be happy to visit you anytime, anywhere. Through the National Association of Association of employees DDD (Rodent control, fumigation, disinfection) we are members of the European Confederation of CEPA. Since 2004 our company has established and applies a quality management system corresponding to ISO 9001:2001.

Our services extend to most economic sectors:


FoodMills, bakeries, slaughterhouses, warehouses, shops, etc.


AgricultureSilos, cropandlivestockproduction, seedstorage, etc.


Network, hot waterchannels, flats, etc.


Postoffices, institutes, social. careetc.


Cateringhotels, cafeterias, restaurants, etc.


Cooperativehousing stock and urban dwellings, etc.

HACCP system

Part of our work is the implementation of HACCP system in the DDD (Rodent control, fumigation, disinfection), which many companies already are practicing.

In services, our company has many years of experience, and therefore we believe that in the event of interest will be satisfied not only in terms of price, but also carrying out work themselves.